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A little about
Elise Oberliesen
Over 14 years working in media 
As a freelance writer and independent journalist, I've had the privilege to learn the ropes from many types of editors. I listen to every piece of advice they share with me and respect their wisdom. I've also learned how to interpret their needs--something that takes time and patience. 
Over the years I've written about a wide range of topics from real estate, business and high-tech, to health, wellness and travel. 

I always keep my readers in mind no matter what story I'm writing. I ask myself:  What would the reader really want to know about this topic? Then I let my insatiable curiosity guide me through the process. 
Whether I create web content, feature articles, social media content, custom content or promotional materials, I try to keep the story interesting. When I'm working with clients, I always encourage them to be in the reader's shoes. Think like the reader so you can write a better story. Think like an editor and eventually you will hone the craft. 
Graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in communications. I continually study media and the communications industry. That includes--digital storytelling, web content, social media, and photography.

Feature articles 
Business profiles
Web projects 
Editorial planning 

What it takes to run a business
Exceptional project management and time management skills. Willingness to take chances. Listening to the customer while educating them at the same time. And of course--a strong commitment to creating clever copy that appeals to the clients and the readers.