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Today's Big Tip
6 Ways to write more engaging web content
  1. Vary your cadence. Mix up short and long sentences.
  2. Make use of strong headlines to pull readers in. Get a little creative even if it takes an extra 5 or 10 minutes. It's time well spent.
  3. Use call out boxes or sidebars for lists or steps.
  4. Don't write too complex. Instead, write easily digestible chunks of information.
  5. Start a conversation. At the end of your article, invite people to give their feedback or say what they think.
  6. Give good examples with tangibles.  
Ex. Saving money starts with you first, not bill collectors. We've all heard this tired expression. Now build on it with something like this:
So if you're trying to climb out of debt, consider allocating even 5% per pay period into a savings account or 401(k). If that's too much, try 2%. Another tip--pay your credit card twice per month instead of once per month. That way you will pay less interest annually.
Want your press releases to get noticed?
I read press releases daily. Some good. Some not. Don't waste the lead sentence or first paragraph patting your organization on the back. Instead, give journalists a hook that lets them craft an inventive story quickly. Then you will get more eyes on your press release.
Tip 2 on Press Releases
List the city? That piece of information is usually missing. When I trying to create a story idea, I need to know where these people live as much as what they do.
Want answers to deeper questions
Ask the "5 Whys." That's what an M.D. told me when I interviewed him about how he gets t his patients real concerns. 
Start with, oh really? Tell me more. How is that so? Can you give me an example? Why do you think that is true? Then finish with, well, why?
Want more business growth? Find out which non-profits your clients' support. Consider whether your business also wants to support those organizations too. By working with the same non-profits and giving back to them, it creates a web of networking opportunities for both of you.
Event publicity tip #5
Did you put all the details in your press release? Besides the basics, who, what, when, where, why (the customer should buy or sign up) make sure not to forget prices. Advertising the price is important. And if it's free, mention it.
Archived Tips
promotional tip #11
Sum up your top two business strengths in less than 25 words and put it on your Home page or tweet it. Maybe you have new offerings or the company is moving in a new direction. Let the customers know. Send me your answers, I'd love to read them.
sales tip #1
Follow up with customers you haven't talked to in the last 30 days. It's easy. Just pick up the phone or send an email.
publicity tip #1
One of the biggest promotional mistakes I see--not allowing enough time to engage media. Start sending out press releases at least 6 weeks in advance of event. And sometimes as much as two months or more.
writing tip #4
 it friendly, even if it's a white paper
Conversational tone holds the reader's attention more easily. Write for the reader, not for yourself.
writing tip #33
ead more.
Learn from your favorite author. He or she is your best mentor.
Conquer your fears and just say it. Worry less and write more. Go to the heart of the words. Reach inside to find the right one. 
writing tip #4
Just write. That's right. Spend 5 minutes and write anything. Do it for the love of writing or for practice.
writing tip #2
Add more depth and texture to writing by describing an event or place with details that deliver the reader right to that scene. Count the number of times "the" appears in your writing. Try to replace "the" with a new word.
writing tip #12
Look up a word in the dictionary that you don't quite understand. Now use that word in an email or another piece of writing. Use it 3 times.
writing tip #1
Write to AP Style. To find out how, get your hands on a current AP Style Guide or sign up for an AP twitter feed
writing tip #21
Spend 5 minutes writing about your last vacation or exciting event. Try to picture yourself basking in the sun or reeling in a trout. Describe each detail with specific words. Example: With her checkbook clutched in one hand, Donna handed the Realtor a down payment for the charming Tudor-styled home tucked in the cul-de-sac.
writing tip #31
Avoid fancy or flowery language and jargon. Replace such words with strong verbs that paint a vivid image in the reader's mind.
5 Tips to Improve Web Presence
  • Omit fluff.
  • Make your point in few words.
  • Create consistent messages to enhance brand identity.
  • Use more sub heads to draw readers in.
  • Avoid preaching. Conversational tone is often preferred.
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